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QSR Tea Cafe

QSR – Quick Service Restaurant

QSR Tea Cafe – (Quick Service Restaurant)


The Quick Service Restaurant, more commonly known in the Fast-food Restaurant industry, is a specific kind of restaurant format that serves fast food cuisines like Coffee, Pizza, Burger and requires minimal table service. Major fast-food chains in India include KFC, Dominos, Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day & Pizza Hut offer quick service menu. It is one of the most lucrative restaurant formats among all and thus has also become the most popular choice of food business for startup’s. The takeaway restaurant or QSR format seems to be the most practical format, as the return on investment is high. You charge the price of a casual dining menu without it’s hefty expenditure, also you save upon the cost of area, furniture, air-conditioning, crockery, etc.

We as one of the new brands for Chai in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, Introduce TeaPotShack as a unique blend of tea flavors and snacks to our guests. And with our franchise offering now you can bring this hygienic chai concept to the new markets. People everywhere recognize the quality associated with the brand and are more likely to be repeat customers because of it. TeaPotShack prides itself on providing strong branding, collaboration and partnership to ensure our road to success wherever they may be operating their shops.


To be successful in QSR space, you need to come up with a unique idea and deliver a superior customer service in terms of food variety, quality, Delivery time & ambience. We have designed a perfect menu of offerings such as Tandoori Tea, Bubble Tea, Ice Tea flavors, Hot Chocolate, Masala Dum Chai, Indian Snacks and lots more. This unique 24 hour menu is already a super hit amongst Indian and Asian public world wide.


Steps To Open A Quick Service Restaurant In India 

Follow the below-mentioned steps involved in opening a fast-food restaurant in India.

  • Choose the location of the quick-service restaurant (Not Included)
  • Get all the licenses required to make your QSR legal
  • kitchen equipment and the raw materials included
  • QSR design
  • Included POS or a billing software
  • staff uniform
  • Get on board Training
  • Get all the other miscellaneous works done

Considering that you are going to start this dream project of yours, you might want to know the details or the step by step guide on how to open a fast-food restaurant in India. With the TeaPotShack Franchise, don’t you worry! We will dive in to give you the complete solution package with the branding that already has an existing customer base. With our support staff and execution opening a QSR seems like a cakewalk.

1. Choosing The Location Of The Quick Service Restaurant, shortlist your staff and we do the rest

The location is one of the most critical factors which determine the success or failure of any restaurant. The takeaway restaurant should ideally be in a densely populated area, keeping the target audience in mind. Accessibility and visibility of the area are also essential to attract customers. Ground floor shops, located at the front are preferred for QSRs and Takeaways.

The store shop should be at least 150 sq ft in size to build a base kitchen. The counter and the serving area should not exceed 100 sq feet. Thus, for 250 sq feet, the minimum area. 

You also need to make sure that the building has a proper water supply and drainage facility. You must also obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner that he has no problem subletting his space for a food business, and also from the neighbors. The NOC is required in obtaining the Local Municipal License, and Food license.

2. Licenses & GST Required For Opening A Quick Service Restaurant

A takeaway restaurant or a QSR primarily requires, GST registration, Local Municipal Corporation Health License, Police Eating House license, and fire license. Out of all, Food license, GST registration, and Local Municipal Corporation Health License are the most important ones to have for starting of the outlet. Fire license and the likes can be acquired once you commence restaurant operations; however, it is recommended to have all the permits in place before opening the outlet to keep yourself away from the legalities and small hiccups that come due to unavailability of these licenses.

Fire license can be obtained once you have Municipal Corporation’s health license. This can be done in the first two-three months of the operations.

3. Staff Needed For Running A Quick Service Restaurant

The secret to a successful quick-service restaurant is often a great team behind the counter and in the kitchen. The Chef is probably the most important person on your team, as they not only cook, and design the menu; they also lead and guide the rest of the kitchen staff. The attrition rate is extremely high in the restaurant industry, especially at the junior level. Learn how to hire better for your restaurant here.

In a takeaway kitchen, a minimum of 2-3 employees is required in the kitchen. Out of them, two chefs are required who have a fair knowledge of every department of the kitchen. The salary of the chefs and helpers depends on their experience. The average salary of the chef at Commis level 1 is Rs 14000-Rs 15000 while the helpers and other staff salary range between Rs 6000- Rs 8000 based on their work.

To Open A Fast-Food Restaurant 

A Takeaway and Home Delivery outlet require one landline and at least one mobile phones. You can also record the call for training purposes. Fire-extinguisher, daily account books, attendance register, etc.

The quick-service restaurant industry in India is expanding on a massive scale. While the investments are low, when compared with the other formats, if you can start it well, it can help you the reap rewards. Hence, follow the steps mentioned as your go-to guide and implement them effectively, and watch how that dream quick-service restaurant of yours blossoms!

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