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Tea/Coffee Cups 150 ML Earthen Glazed Terracotta Chai Kulhad, Set of 8 Pcs,The Kulhad for Tea and Coffee.


● Quantity: 8 kulhads. Material: clay colour: brown,
● Reusable and washable. Microwave safe .
● The products are fragile and should be handled with care.
● Enjoy natural flavor. Feel the difference in taste while drinking from clay mugs.
● This Cup Set is really very attractive and Effective to increase the beauty of your Crockery collection.

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1. Handmade Clay This kulhad is handmade from clay, which is baked at the right temperature to give a perfect finish to this earthy mug. It is manufactured from the Rural Areas in India to give a Desi feel and look to it. 2. The kulhad is manufactured with high quality terracotta finish making it a great product to use. This product is food grade and lead free. It is microwave safe and can also be refrigerated making it very apt to use. 3.Chai in Kulhads Sipping masala chai from a kulhad is just divine. The flavors are enhanced with an earthy aroma. There is always a sense of belonging that seeps in every time you drink tea out of a kulhad. 4. Kulhad Kulfi All varieties of kulfis can be served in a Kulhad. The taste of the kulhad that comes in contact with your kulfi, just adds more flavors. The kulhads can be stored in refrigerators. 5.Versatile Use The kulhads can be used to serve your guests in traditional gatherings for that ethnic feel. It can also be used to serve lassi, custard, badam milk, rabri, sharbats, etc.


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