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Himalayan Range Cup Set Handcrafted Terracotta Pottery Chai (Tea) Kulhad/Kullar/Cups


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Himalayan Range Cup Set Handcrafted Terracotta Pottery Chai (Tea) Kulhad/Kullar/Cups

Product Description

In olden times everybody used to drink from the clay pot or earthen pot and they were a way lot healthier than us Can you believe that by just changing the way the coffee or tea served, you can make it healthy! These earthenware cup and saucer gives you natural feel and a traditional look. Why don’t you impress your guest or friends visiting your house!

  • Color: Brown
  • ProductGroup: Kitchen
  • ProductTypeName: KITCHEN
  • Size: 3×2 inch

Color: as per photo, Material: Clay | Each cup can hold 120ml

Discover whole levels of elegance and class with this very special piece made especially for your classy taste. This pick is a succinct testament to the taste for refined ethnic things in life, for those in love with that finery of the old world, these Terracotta finish kullads are the right choice for their favourite tea

Feel the difference in taste while drinking from clay cups Enjoy natural flavor.

These have been shaped stylishly to give you a good grip while sipping your hot milk, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soup after a long tiring day in this finely heated product with terracotta finish

Drinking hot tea in plastic cups can cause diseases as deadly as cancer and to help curb this problem.


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