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Himalayan Range Clay Earthen Kadhai With Glass Lid – Brown


??? Colour: Brown
??? Use on LPG and Best Quality
??? Add quality and goodness to food
??? Handle with care
??? Diameter 9 Inches , Height: 3 Inches Weight: 1560

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EARTHEN UTENSILS USAGE GUIDE: BEFORE USING: Dip the utensil completely in water for a day & then fill the vessel with rice starch for few hours. HEATING TIPS: Always cook with low to medium flame. ALWAYS AVOID: When the vessel is hot do not pour cold water, let the vessel temperature come to normal then wash. WASHING TIPS: Always avoid Metallic scrubber rather use Soft sponge. STORAGE: Allow the vessel to dry completely before storage. ONCE A WEEK: Fill half the vessel with water, boil for 3 min & then dispose the water to remove oil & stains, this will also strengthen & hygiene the utensil.


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