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Himalayan Range AYURVEDIC ECO-Friendly MITTI/EARTHERN Clay KADAHI/Wok with Glass LID – 2 LTR


??? Ayurvedic eco-friendly mitti
??? Durable construction
??? Useful product

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Made with raw earthen clay with no glazing outside and inside. It makes the food more delicious while retaining its nutritive value.Can be used for prepairing Rice, Biryani, Dal or any dish. The porous nature of a clay pot makes it retain moisture and heat within the pot itself ensuring a dish that is perfectly cooked and full of nutrients. HEALTH BENEFITS: * Enjoy your food with natural taste and a touch of mitti di khushboo as clay makes the food more delicious while retaining its nutritive value, essential vitamins & minerals stay intact. * It keeps the food hygienic and natural. Makes food tasty, keeps food sweet and body healthy. * Using of earthen clay helps balancing the pH scale because of its alkaline nature. HOW TO USE: Before you start cooking food in utensil, fill the pan with water or buttermilk for one (1) day. This helps maintain the strength of the cooker. The utensils should be totally dry before putting it on gas. Put a thin layer of oil before putting it on gas. Always use clay product on low flame. Allow the utensils to dry completely. Do not put utensil on stove if it is wet. After the cooking, please do not put clay utensils directly on the kitchen slab. Put it on the stand, trivet or wooden board. Use wooden Spatula . WASHING METHOD: After emptying the food from the utensil, fill it with water and keep the water standing in it for 10 minutes. Use soft brush to wash it. Avoiding Extreme Temperature Changes: Please keep in mind when cooking in clay, the cookware does not like quick, extreme temperature changes. This is important to remember when you are beginning the cooking process in a clay pot, especially if your pot is new. When you start your cooking with clay pot, the process is opposite of what you would normally do with a metal pan.


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