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Exports And Wholesale Fulfilment

Himalayan Range Bulk & Export Order Fulfillment

As manufacturers and wholesale distributors struggle to keep up with eCommerce giants, shrinking margins, and growing competition, many businesses are looking to increase efficiency wherever they can. One of the biggest areas of opportunity for efficiency gains is in the ordering and fulfillment process. Our robust platform recognizes our End Customers, Resellers, Wholesalers & Franchises nationally and internationally. And instantly offers the complete catalog with pricing at their disposal.

Replacing the traditional ordering channels with a comprehensive wholesale ordering system right via our ecommerce channel eliminates the need for manual work, order errors, and fulfillment delays. This solution will make it easy for wholesale distributors to review the products and services like an end customer. This enables easy access to the product catalog, customer’s trends, pricing / margins and product’s digital snapshot.

Apart from the digital platform, we also offer unique services as Wholesalers:

– Full Service Wholesaler- manufacturing, customizing, designing, delivery, training, reselling, quality, sampling, partial shipments and servicing.

– Private / White Labeling of our product range

– Customization and product Design services

– Product packaging / re-distribution

– Transport services nationally & Internationally

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